The Hallmark of Quality

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What is CanadaMark ?

      CanadaMark™ is a program for identifying the origin of Canadian diamonds. The CanadaMarkô identification number engraved on the girdle of a Canadian diamond is the guarantee from the owners of the Diavik and Ekati mines that a diamond is Canadian in origin. CanadaMarkô guarantees origin; it does not guarantee the colour or clarity grade. The quality of any Canadian diamond is only as good as the company selling the stone.

      The CanadaMarkô program, as stated, is a guarantee of origin, not of grading standard.

      Regal Imports Ltd. and its brand “The Hallmark of Quality” is one of the largest distributors of Canadian diamonds in the world. We choose to support our Canadian diamonds with a certificate that differentiates our brand as unique both in quality and appearance. The Hallmark of Quality brand is meant to be a reflection of Regal Imports' thirty-nine-year quest for excellence in diamond grading and product presentation. We guarantee that our diamonds will achieve the quality grade listed on our certificate or a better grade by any internationally recognized laboratory in the world.