The Hallmark of Quality

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Questions and Answers

What is CanadaMark™?

      CanadaMark™ is a program for identifying the origin of Canadian diamonds. The CanadaMark™ identification number engraved on the girdle of a Canadian diamond is the guarantee from the owners of the Diavik and Ekati mines that a diamond is Canadian in origin. CanadaMark™ guarantees origin; it does not guarantee the colour or clarity grade. The quality of any Canadian diamond is only as good as the company selling the stone . . .     

What does Canadian Origin mean?

      Canadian Origin means that a particular diamond was mined in Canada. All “Hallmark of Quality” Canadian origin diamonds are sourced from cutters that purchase diamond rough directly from Canadian mines. Our Canadian tracking program begins in the cutting factory with the original piece of rough and continues through all stages of production from mine to consumer. All Canadian origin diamonds are laser engraved for identification purposes. The “Hallmark of Quality” Canadian origin certificate accompanies each Canadian origin diamond and guarantees an unbreakable chain of custody.

Do Canadian Diamonds need to be cut in Canada?

      The simple answer to this question is no. Canadian diamonds are diamonds that are mined in Canada. Very few diamonds are cut in Canada because it is not economically feasible. It is for this reason that the vast majority of Canadian diamonds are cut in the world's major diamond cutting centres. All Canadian diamonds sold under the “Hallmark of Quality” achieve the highest level of environmental and ethical standards.

What is Rapaport and how is it used?

      The Rapaport diamond price list separates the different sizes, colours and clarities of diamonds and arranges these factors into price categories. The problem arising in using the Rapaport list is the subjective nature of diamond grading. Some speak about a Rapaport price and do not consider the price variation from a cut perspective. Some speak about a Rapaport price and do not consider the variation of grading standards from one laboratory to another. Some speak of a general discount that is below . . .     

What makes Regal grading different?

      Regal has maintained a consistent recognizable standard of grading for 39 years. Regal is aware that international certificates have changed the severity of their grading standards. Regal Imports knows that there are variations in the quality of certificates originating from the same well-recognized laboratory. . .