The Hallmark of Quality

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Canadian Diamond

Hallmark Of Quality

Each Hallmark of Quality Canadian Diamond is graded using the world's most sophisticated technology. Our representatives have a mission to present a diamond graded to a standard higher than any existing institute. When this criterion has been met, the Maple Leaf, Crown and letter R Hallmark are lasered on the edge of the diamond. Each stone is also branded with an identity number which can trace provenance from a Canadian mine to end-consumer.

The Hallmark of Quality Canadian Diamond is accompanied by a most beautiful and informative certificate. This certificate will give both retailer and consumer complete confidence in every detail of their Canadian diamond purchase.

Regal Imports is very particular in its selection of Canadian diamonds. We concentrate on better colours, VS through SI clarities and only top makes consistent with Regal Imports' reputation for the highest standards.

Canadian Origin:

Our laser logo on the girdle of each diamond is an absolute guarantee
of Canadian origin. Each Canadian diamond is tracked from mine to
consumer and at every stage of production